A Glimpse About Alkaline Water

In recent years we have heard a lot about alkaline water and its benefits for health. However, on the one hand, there are those who claim that alkaline water is not entirely safe for consumption at all times. Then, what exactly is alkaline water? Alkali has a basic meaning, so alkaline water has a basic meaning of water. Alkaline properties are a chemical property that absorbs hydronium ions when dissolved in water. This alkaline nature opposite of acidic and water is called base when it has a pH greater than 7. Alkaline water falls into the alkaline water category and has a pH of more than 7. For comparison, most of the water we drink has a precise pH of 7. This is because water is a neutral water, not acidic nor alkaline. While alkaline water has a pH above 7 indicating this water has alkaline properties, the pH is the degree of acidity/base of a solution measured on a scale of 0 to 17. The low water pH is affected primarily by other mineral deposits in the water.

So far water that is alkaline or has a pH of more than 7 is found in the spring that is in the mountains. It feels fresh and refreshing. The alkaline water properties themselves are similar to those of glacier water. Its virtue is that the glacier water is so fresh, even 69% of the freshness of the water is locked inside the glacier. In addition, a typical taste of alkaline water as we drink from the source of mountain springs or other highlands. If we have ever heard of Zamzam water, then such a flavor of alkaline water as it turns Zamzam water has a pH above 7 and includes alkaline water. Zamzam water is made up of ice that melts deep beneath the desert soil. Until now the benefits of water Zamzam no doubt, although initially many who thought as a suggestion. The following composition of Zamzam water that can also be possessed by other alkali has a high natural mineral content such as calcium, magnesium, and fluoride. Has a balanced ion charge. It does not change in terms of texture, color, and smell even if it is stored for long periods of time and placed anywhere. It has a high or alkaline/alkaline Ph as contained in fruits and vegetables.