The Development of Film Technology From Time to Time

If we hear the word “film”, then what we have in mind is a comedy, romantic, adventure, cartoon, and much more. Not only from among the children, everyone from all walks of life likes movies that fit with their age. But we need to know the background and history of filmmaking up to what we see today. Movies are works of art and culture that are mass media of hearing-sight communications made on the basis of cinematography by being recorded on celluloid bands, video tapes, video discs, and / or other technological inventions of any kind, type and size through chemical, electronic, or other process processes, with or without sound, which can be demonstrated and / or displayed by mechanical, electronic, and projection systems / or other. To produce the best movie you can take wherever you want, you can do it by converting by using our services,super 8 film to dvd.

The history of film development begins with the invention of moving pictures demonstrated by Eadweard Muybridge of Stanford University by making 16 pictures or frames of horses running. This incident occurred in 1878. Of the 16 images of running horses are strung together and moved in sequence to produce the first successful moving image in the world. From here the idea of ??making a film appear.