Preventive Treatment For Your Air Conditioner Staying Healthy

In the midst of the weather is so hot, let alone that lasted for months, so do not be surprised if a lot of people who use the AC without knowing the time. What is the purpose? Of course, the goal is just for the room to be cold, but AC also needs rest. You have to routinely take care of your air conditioner as well because you can not just let your air conditioner in a state of continuous flame. How to care for AC properly? Maybe you can start by washing the condenser and coil AC regularly or as needed. Turn off the AC, take the hose, and spray the coil with the pattern from top to bottom. Keep condensers away from heat-extinguishers and cottonwood trees. Both of these are “AC destroyers”. If you can not wash your own air conditioner, then you can contact us as the best AC repair service provider, you can get.

Step two, clean or replace your AC filter periodically. This simple step can improve the efficiency of air conditioning and lighten the load, so the AC life becomes longer. The air filter needs to be replaced when the ice is formed inside the cooling unit (evaporator part). You may have trouble checking it out, but try to touch the outer iron plate and feel for any subtle temperature differences. You may also be able to see ice on a large path to its outer unit (suction line).