Building Backlinks (Off Page Factor)

Simply backlinks are links or links from a website page to another website, in other words, a website gives recommendations to its users to visit other websites. The purpose of building backlinks is to increase the popularity of a website page on the internet, so the website is likely to get a better position SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Google. There are so many websites that we can use to build backlinks. We of SEO Austin are ready to help you to increase the quantity as well as quality in increasing your product sales.

The social media I usually use to build backlinks is Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Links from #media social is usually nofollow, but will still increase the popularity of a website page. Links From Authority Website; links are somewhat difficult to obtain because usually, the owner of the authority website will be very critical in selecting articles created by guest authors and links that come out from the website. To get backlinks from well-known sites, we have to submit articles that are really good and also in accordance with a niche website. Your effort will be paid if you get some links from famous websites because the effect for your website will be very good.

Blog network is definitely one of the ‘secret’ of SEO activists, especially the internet marketers. Usually, blog networks are deliberately built to provide links to the main website. This blog network uses an old domain and already has authority so that all content will be posted in the blog network will be easily indexed by search engines, which will ultimately provide a very good impact for the main website. Tips, make sure the content in the blog network you build is relevant to your main website niche.

Links from Web 2.0 properties; some of the frequently used web 2.0 is,,,, Blog, com, etc. Links from web 2.0 are mostly dofollow. Especially for Blogger and Tumblr usually, take advantage of blogs old age and already have Page Rank (PR) as a source of backlinks. The blog has been abandoned by the owner and can be re-registered by a new user, among bloggers is often called the Blog Zombie.