Trend Wedding Theme in 2018, What’s Your Favorite?

Planning to get married in 2018? Preparing the wedding plan is very important in order for your marriage to run well and without obstacles. Well, if you will get married in 2018 later than you have to determine the best wedding venue as you can find in LPC Wedding Venue, you also have to prepare the theme of marriage that you will use later. Therefore, here is a theme of marriage that will be a trend in 2018 later. Here’s the review!

Rustic Nuance Being Popular
Throughout the year 2017, rustic wedding themes are chosen. Due to the simple impression, the rustic theme also makes a warm impression. No one if in 2018 this theme is still a prima donna.

Flower Bouquet with Free Shape
If during this bouquet of wedding flowers are always identical to the shape of a round or posy, then in 2018 a bouquet of flowers with an unusual flower choice a favorite. The selected flowers are free to combine with large leaves will make your wedding bouquet special.

Intimate Wedding Party
The wedding party with many invited guests in 2018 has been abandoned. The theme of the wedding with the number of invited guests is limited in great demand, not only to ‘downsize’ this theme of interest because it gives a warm and intimate impression between invited guests and party owners. Trends invite a handful of relatives and the closest people to the intimate wedding has been happening in recent years, and it still seems to continue until 2018.

Wedding Hashtag Game
Along with the development of social media, especially Instagram event selfie and perpetuate the moment so the requirement. Creating a unique wedding hashtag can be the right choice. Well, this wedding hashtag becomes the best way to collect your wedding photos on social media. Make an interesting hashtag possible and do not forget to pass on to the invited guests.