Ingredients that can be used for carpet cleaning

There are some ingredients that can be used for cleaning your carpets, and they can be reliable when for certain types of stains. However, it’d be a better decision for you to click on and hire the professionals when you have the budget for the maximum cleanliness.

1. Using Salt

Salt is a kitchen material made for flavoring cooking. Salt can also be used to clean the carpet. The trick is very easy. Mix salt in warm water and place on carpets exposed to dirt or stain spots. Then brush the part, and the old dirt will disappear as a result of salt water. Do not forget to rinse with fragrant soap, so that the carpets we have smell it when washed.

2. With Baking Soda

Baking soda is very powerful to clean the carpet. Materials containing soda can also be used for the maintenance of a carpet. Soda contains substances that can remove dirt in an instant, especially black dirt. How to use it quite easily, mix baking soda with a little water, then brush and rinse with laundry soap.

3. Using Vinegar Fluids

Vinegar is very powerful to clean dirt or stains on the carpet. dab water vinegar on the carpet or better mix a little warm water with vinegar Let a minute, then brush and do not forget to wash with laundry soap. This method can be used for carpet maintenance on a regular basis. Use this method once a month to clean the carpet, and our carpets will look clean.