Do not Let the Sea Be the Trash

The Indonesian sea becomes a magnet for foreign tourists visiting the country. But unfortunately, plastic waste began to pollute the sea, even Indonesia ranks second in the world that donates plastic waste to the sea. The study said that Indonesia contributed 3.2 tons of plastic waste to the sea after China which contributed by 8.8 tons. This is certainly not an achievement for this Country. The rest of the waste is dumped into the sea and government programs to make the sea free of the garbage can you read at You will realize how precious the sea is for the lives of many species including us, humans.

As humans, we need the intake of nutritious foods, like fish. Then, what if the fish that we consume is ate plastic waste? Is not the quality of the fish will decrease, and we also will not get nutrition? Then, as social beings are filled with daily activities, such as work, college, and other activities, we also need time to vacation with friends and family. And the main choice for a vacation is usually the beach. So what if we just see the beach filled with garbage? For these reasons, we can not keep on doing this. We must realize that the sea is a part of our life and we must protect it.